How To Install IPTV On An Amazon Firestick 2024

So you just got yourself a shiny new Amazon firestick and you want to put IPTV on your firestick easily? Well, we have written an in-depth guide making the process very easy for you on how to install smart IPTV on amazon firestick. This guide also works for how to install IPTV on firestick 4k, fire tv, fire cube, android tv boxes, smart TVs, and android smartphones. First, make sure you have your amazon fire stick set up as in linked to your Amazon account and settings.

We have recently updated this guide as Amazon has removed the IPTV app from their app store but follow this guide to get the smart IPTV app back for good

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install iptv on firestick

Setup Your IPTV Fire stick From New

This is very easy to do just simply plug in your iptv fire tv stick to your HDMI port on the TV and plug the power lead in and follow the on-screen instructions the firestick goes through such as creating or linking your existing Amazon account to it and joining the iptv stick to your home wireless network.

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What is Smart IPTV For Firestick

Smart IPTV firestick 2023 is one of the best IPTV players for firesticks in 2023 and is specifically made for firesticks, fire tv, fire tv cube, firestick 4k, android tv boxes, android smartphones, android tablets, and also the latest smart TV’s which can run the IPTV smarters subscription on.

What the app does is allows you to watch IPTV for firestick using any of the above-mentioned devices using an IPTV supplier. The app is easy to install and also very user-friendly and has a nice-looking interface that is easy to use.


The app is one of the best apps to use for IPTV on amazon stick unless you are using our own custom IPTV app which is the best to use for our own IPTV services. Many people also enjoy the easy way you can just upload the M3U URL from your IPTV provider and the IPTV will work making this a quick and efficient way of getting your IPTV all up and running fast.


how to set up and install iptv on a firestick

How To Install IPTV On Firestick Using Smart IPTV App

What you need to do is make sure you are on the top bar on the screen and press right on the remote to scroll across to Settings then My Fire TV then Device then Developer Options and then select Apps from Unknown Sources and turn it to ON. (This setting will be set to OFF as default)

You can now leave the Apps from Unknown Sources set to on there is no need to turn if off especially if you will be sideloading other apps in the future.

Once you have done the above its time to get cracking so what you want to do next is press the home button on the firestick remote to go back to the Amazon home screen then press left on the remote to the little magnifier icon next to the word Home and press ok which will allow you to perform a search.

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Quick Tip: You can hold the microphone button on the top of your firestick remote and say “Downloader” and it should find the app for you.

Now you want to use the search keyboard to type the word Downloader like below. (Downloader you will use a lot to install third-party firestick apps on your firestick device)

how to install downloader app

Now press ok on the orange downloader app icon and you will then want to press ok where it says download and install and then the app will start downloading and installing and once complete you need to click on open to open the downloader app.

strong iptv logo

PLANETIPTV TIP: Prior to venturing down this path, it’s important to understand that these third-party applications haven’t been vetted by a trusted source.

loading downloader app

Once the downloader app has opened you will want to press ok on the firestick remote to close the little notice box that is showing then press ok on the textbox on the tv screen to enter the address bar and now you will need to type this into the box and then click on go.


typing in the url for smart iptv app updated
installing the smart iptv app on the firestick

Smart IPTV for amazon stick will start to download and once it has finished downloading choose to install it to the firestick by pressing ok it will install fast so then just open the smart IPTV app then you will see the same screen like this below.


After you have installed smart IPTV the app will still remain in downloads so you can delete it to save space on your firestick or other devices. To do this simply go into Downloader again and go to Files you will see the downloaded smart iptv app so click on it and choose Delete.


provide us with your smart mac address code

How To Upload Your M3U Playlist URL To Smart IPTV App

Now what you have to do is write down your MAC address code from the IPTV app and go to this website then in the part that says MAC you will need to enter the Mac address code you have written down. Then you will need to copy the special link you got from us. Now choose UK if you are in the UK and don’t forget to tick you are not a robot (unless you are then don’t tick it)

Now finally click the send button and then carry on with the guide.

activate code on siptv new site

You can buy an IPTV subscription from us to get the special link you need for your firestick. Also, we strongly recommend using a private dedicated VPN when using the IPTV app on your firestick to make sure you have no issues with any IPTV blocks.

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Now all you have to do now is go back to your firestick iptv and press ok to restart the app and once the smart IPTV app restarts that will all be working.

Make Sure You Buy The App Within 7 Days

When you have installed Smart IPTV app for firestick it gives you 7 days to try it so its best to buy the app for just £4.99 for lifetime access, before your 7 days run out. We advise buying the app with in 5 days otherwise if the trial of the app runs out you will need to buy the app anyway after 7 days then contact us to put your channels back on so it’s easier just to buy the app before the 7 days so the channels stay on.

 How to activate IPTV on the firestick using the app through siptv website

To activate IPTV on the app before the 7 days are up you simply go to then put in your MAC address code you have written down then choose one of the 2 ways to pay so if you put it in the bottom box just check out via paypal and all done.

We hope you enjoyed our firestick iptv guide, if you know someone who needs help setting their firestick up with IPTV then feel free to share this guide with them.

installing internet protocol television on firestick

How To Find Smart IPTV (Best IPTV Player) On Firestick

Sometimes the Smart IPTV app will not be at the top of your home screen on your firestick so you will need to access the app another way to start it. This is especially the case for new firestick users.


To find Smart IPTV you will need to head back into settings then applicationsmanage installed applications and finally click on Smart IPTV and choose to launch the app.


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